AdWord Assignment

March 8, 2009

I composed my AdWord and paid the $5.  It turns out that was just a “set up” fee and they want me to pay at least another $10 to start the ad.  The class instructions were to set up the ad and pay $5.  When they wanted me to pay at least another $10, I stopped.  I asked a couple of other people in the class and they had the same problem.  I’m on hold.  Below is the message Google sent me.  I feel like I now understand the process and if I were willing to pay Google more money, I’d be good to go.


Welcome to Google AdWords!
In order to activate your account and start showing ads, please sign in
to your AdWords account at, and submit your
billing information. Your account will be activated as soon as you have
entered your payment details. Your ads will show immediately if you
decide to pay for clicks via credit or debit card. If you decide to pay
by direct debit, we may need to receive your signed debit authorization
before your ads start running, depending on your location. If you
choose bank transfer, your ads will show as soon as we receive your
first payment. (Payment options vary by location.)
Thank you for choosing AdWords. We look forward to providing you with
the most effective advertising available.
The Google AdWords Team


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